The philosophy of the engelkeller,

is to focus on people. You as the guest, are in the centre of our attention just like our employees.

As an enterprise supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities run by the IFN Gesellschaft für Integration in das Arbeitsleben Neuburg mbH , we provide manifold fields of employment for people with disabilities in the catering and hotel sector. Our aim is to include our motivated staff members in all activities occurring in a catering and hotel business, to accompany them in their work and to help them excel. With pleasure, joy and commitment our motley crew helps create a welcoming atmosphere.


From a single source

We strive to cater to the needs of our guests primarily using our own resources. To achieve this goal, the engelkeller cooperates closely with the Stiftung Sankt Johannes foundation. For instance, we obtain a great deal of the food served by us, i.e. especially meats, sausages, baked goods, vegetables and eggs, directly from the Stiftung Sankt Johannes foundation which grows and produces the products itself. In addition, we offer a washing and ironing service for shirts and suits in cooperation with the foundation’s own textile care unit. If you are interested in this service, our service staff will be glad to assist. Just leave the rest up to us!


Bed and breakfast

Come in & relax

Modern cosiness: Unobtrusive while style-defining design

Family apartments: Light-filled rooms with an own kitchenette